Maximize IT Agility to Drive Business Agility

Galaxy Software Solutions, Inc. is committed to dramatically reducing the IT complexity of your organization and delivering secure interoperability between clouds. Galaxy Software Solutions Inc brings you all of the benefits of an enterprise hybrid-cloud approach by providing an evolutionary path to cloud computing based on the most widely used virtualization platform.


Advantages of Cloud Computing

Reduced Cost: Cloud technology is paid incrementally, saving organizations money

Increased Storage: Organizations can store more data than on private computer systems

Highly Automated: No longer do IT personnel need to worry about keeping software up to date

Flexibility: Cloud computing offers much more flexibility than past computing methods

More Mobility: Employees can access information wherever they are, rather than having to remain at their desks

Allows IT to Shift Focus: No longer having to worry about constant server updates and other computing Issues


SaaS: Software as a service
PaaS: Platform as a service
IaaS: Infrastructure as a service